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Football Lives Here. 

And Here.

At Jazzar, we believe in taking a 360º approach.  We understand the intricacies and opportunities present in the realms of business, media, and technology.  ‍‍‍

Football has changed in the past decade. On the demand side, it has become more global and consumption of the beautiful game has moved into a multi-screen universe. On the supply side, change has come at a slower pace. 

That’s the space Jazzar operates in. We unlock value for all our clients whether they be clubs, players, national associations, or brands by leveraging our understanding of the global landscape across multiple industries

Personalized Experience.

And Here.

Every single one of our clients- big or small- whether they be players, clubs, national associations, or brands deal directly with Jazzar President, Bassil Mikdadi. 

Before founding Jazzar, Bassil was heavily involved in the media having started his career in Al Jazeera’s Washington DC bureau punctuated with over 10 years as a freelancer with a focus on football. He later shifted into PR- starting first on Capitol Hill before accepting a role with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal- the former Crown Prince of Jordan.

Additionally, Bassil brings over three years experience at Google to the table; where he helped Fortune 500 companies expand into emerging markets vis-a-vis cutting edge digital campaigns.

Under Bassil’s stewardship Jazzar has helped dozens of international players build their brand and achieve their goals. His achievements while working with national associations include:

  • Successfully appealing yellow card accumulation bans on two players prior to the 2015 AFC Asian Cup. 
  • Scouting and recruiting players based in Europe into Asian based national team squads. 
  • Event marketing and promotion for Palestine’s 2015 AFC Asian Cup campaign. 
  • Event Marketing and promotion for Algeria Olympic squad’s February 2016 friendly which drew a capacity crowd of 85,000 to the Stade du 5 Juillet.